Chicco KidFit Review 2018: Is It The Right Booster For Your Kid?

Buying the right car seat for your baby can be overwhelming. There are a wide array of styles, safety ratings, patterns, and colors to consider. And since it's something you will be using on a regular basis you also have to consider factors like comfort, functionality, and comfort.

When it comes to baby products, Chicco has always been a company trusted by many parents. Ever since the company started in the late 50s, it has provided consumers with innovative products that suit any modern family with comfort and safety in mind. And this is true with their car seat offerings as well.

Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Colors

The Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat is a high-back booster that you can convert into a backless booster. It is best for children ages three to eight who have outgrown their harness seats. Some of its key features are the following:

  • 10-positioning headrest entirely lined with EPS foam.
  • Machine washable seat and armrest pad covers that are detachable.
  • A LATCH system with the SuperCinch technology for tightening it.
  • A contoured seat and double padding EgoBoost feature to ensure the best support and comfort.
  • Two detachable cup holders, which you can fold when your kid does not need them.
  • A DualZone technology for the protection of your kid's shoulder and head during impact.
  • Expiration is up to 8 years.

Is it Easy to Install?

Installing this booster is quite an easy task. Compared to others, the company recommends using both your car's seat belt and the LATCH system. Although this may seem unusual, it is probably a smart move in this case, particularly if you're traveling with your child, as it would keep it from being a projectile in case of an accident. Chicco also requires that the headrest of your vehicle does not push its booster out of its place. However, if it does, you can either remove the headrest or use the backless booster mode of the seat.

Safety and Comfort

Chicco KidFit is a very easy to use

The Chicco KidFit comes with a side impact protection and DuoZone technology which provides added safety for your child while the seat is in the backless booster mode. It also comes with a SuperCinch latch and one-pull tightener features which ensures your little one is snug in the car seat without the need to pull several times. Its padding is DuoFoam which provides one of the best comforts for your kid while on the road, which is something other booster seats lack.

Overall, this product tops the rating charts when it comes to safety and comfort.

Child Fit

This offering from Chicco is not the tallest booster out there, so if you have a very tall kid or he has long torsos, this may not be the best option for you, especially if he will be using it for a long time.

When fitting your child to the booster, always adjust its height to ensure that the belt guide of the shoulder is somewhat above or positioned above his shoulders. If his shoulders are already above the shoulder belt guide, he has outgrown the high-back mode, so you should remove it to switch to the backless mode. The belt fit on both these modes is excellent, and as long as its headrest is in the right settings on high-back, it will fit taller and older children perfectly.